Retro gaming with a MiSTer has become very popular and for many the ultimate and only choice because of its accurate recreation of many vintage computer and console systems.

While it’s not exactly rocket science to get one up and running, for some people who are not used to tinkering and installing scripts etc. it may be too much to ask.

Pictured: BlisSTer in a white housing.

This is where the RetroToast MiSTer tutorials and Quick Tips come into play to get everybody up and running in no time. The tutorials are lean, to the point and easy to understand.

For absolute beginners or people who just want to plug and play I recommend buying a pre-built system (a full hardware build tutorial will come at a later time).

This can be either a pre-built MiSTer system, including housing, USB hub and more or a full system including software/system pre-installed on a SD card.

This following Basic Setup Guide is for everyone who has the hardware but still needs to install the system. The guide shows in easy steps how to download, install and update Mr. Fusion, which is the heart of the system and makes everything work.

Next you might wanna make the MiSTer your own. By default the menu background looks pretty dire but fear not, you can install your own custom background images and fonts. In the following two Quick Tips guides I show you how to do it in no time!

If you run into problems with your SD card not mounting on your PC anymore or if you’ve setup your MiSTer on your own but it won’t boot up, have a look at the following video!

In the following Quick Tips guide I show you how to use external USB hard drives so you have more storage space for those big CD images like Mega CD and Playstation.

More tutorials and Quick Tips videos will be added over time. If you have constructive feedback or questions feel free to post in the comments!