Vampire Survivors is a rogue-like, retro inspired survival action game.

It is currently in early access on Steam and this is a first review. I will come back with a long term review some time down the line. Watch the video below for the full review.


Vampire Survivors is a game that is easy to grasp and highly addictive. There are dozens of weapons and items that you can pick up and upgrade. Various characters have different stats and weapons to begin with so there is enough variety. New characters and levels can be unlocked and the developer is constantly updating the game and adding content. This is a great sign and the way early access games should be done. Collecting coins in each run enables one to unlock characters and stats, along with unlockable achievements and collectables it ads to the replay value of the game.

The graphics are decent and get the job done, while nothing to write home about, they deliver a nice retro flair. The music is really great and would make a good listen on its own. SFX are somewhat uninspired and of different quality/style within its category.

There is something special here that makes you come back to play over and over again and the fact that this comes in under USD 3.00 is just the cherry on top. Highly recommended!

Vampire Survivors Score

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There is also a free demo, playable in your web browser: